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David Pressman Events' vision is to design, produce and execute singularly stunning and successful ceremonies and celebrations, providing our clients with 100% satisfaction every step of the way.

We are relentless in the pursuit of that goal and will never vary from the principles of our clients' satisfaction: quality, beauty and meticulous attention to detail and budgets. In the crowded marketplace of event planners, designer, and coordinators, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-seasoned team designing, producing and executing your events.

At David Pressman Events your personal celebrations and events come first. Our work for you is built on a solid foundation of innovative approaches to making your event memorable and visually stunning with cost-effective creativity and scrupulous attention to your needs. We strive to create and implement innovative and personal events for our clients that combine their dreams with thoughtful and cutting edge design, production and execution. An event that comes off so perfectly that no one notices or even stops to think about what it takes to pull off such a beautiful celebration - that's what you get with David Pressman Events.

David Pressman Events brings years of hands-on experience from the worlds of fashion, art, entertainment, events and philanthropy to help transform your wildest dreams into an experience of a lifetime. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of service never experienced before - and to do so with discretion, grace and seamless support.

Led by David Pressman, who began his career working for American fashion icons Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein, learning from them just how important elegance, beauty and intelligence are to the success of any event. And early on developing an eye for the simplicity of understated beauty, David has long followed the adage that "less is more." With a keen ability to visualize everything from the tiniest of details that will make your guests stir with wonderment, to the key elements that need to come together to create stunning and memorable events, David Pressman Events leaves nothing to chance.

David Pressman Events treats each special event on its own - please contact David to discuss your dream event and how he can help turn it into a reality.